Monday, November 30, 2015

Mandelbulber3d :d

Hey folk ;)
Some expression from Berlin and a software called Mandelbulber3d dot exe :d

I like the chinese shoe and the cheese bar :)***

And! the howto make an own mandelbulber3d formulas:



Here is the howto for making own mandelbulb3d formulas: I hope there is someone who understands to change for different styles: mandelbulb, mandelbox, ifs, attractor.....

Four ways are possible by 2015 November. There are only very rare information, so please post some information or links how to easily use other ways.

 1. Ultrafractal........but you see only a slide, cant fly around or see them 3d
                              UF is fast! and with.... you will see it in 3d too very nice one: TGLAD
                              ...hint: Uf coloring.... and Layers

 2. Experimental Mandelbulber3d:
       For now only one formula is editable Experimental

 3. Fragmentarium....Yes.....:)
 4. CopyNpaste ::

1. open a website called:
             you are doing some code in here

2. copy n paste the code:
             your own or:

3. run three programms in the green box:

a.  gcc -c -m32 -O3 -mfpmath=387 -ffast-math *.c
b.  objdump -D *.o >> out.asm
c.  objcopy -Obinary -j .text *.o file.bin

4:  download the file.bin
                    by clicking the refeshing button first
                      and than the download option with the right mouse menu on the file.bin

5: run a programm called bin2hex

d: bin2hex file.bin file.asm
6: open the final file for forwarding file operations
     ! right mouse click! Select all AND copy

7: open another file int the directory of Mandelbulber3d.exe/M3Formulas

      You can easily make a copy of another formula.m3f file and rename
      ! extension is m3f and the directory is ...../M3Formulas

8:  Now! Paste the .asm code between START n END
              End in a new row.

9:  make some Notes

n 10:  safe the file and start Mandelbulber3d :)

Please, if you know other ways, add some links...
 * * *      Merry Chrismas     * * *

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